Capital Market

Investment acquisitions and disposals

  • Advice in company / commercial property related transactions.
  • Property acquisition
  • Buying land to develop
  • Buying and selling commercial properties
  • Bankcrupcy or unperformed loan

Capital sourcing and equity placement

We deliver value by evaluating and assessing our clients’ investment needs, by investigating the capital structure required to deliver the best solutions and by sourcing the necessary financing. Our Services :

  • Advise and present to target investors.
  • Fund structuring and financial modelling;
  • Preparation of all marketing materials
  • Assisting investors with preparation of internal approval documents.
  • Joint Ventures & Co-investment
  • Sourcing and structuring of debt and equity capital for growth or recapitalization
  • Sourcing of strategic investors for joint ventures, co-investments and investment programs
  • Assist in negotiation and documentation;
  • Due diligence on fund managers and investments.
  • Assist in investment execution.
  • Debt Structuring

Land Sales

Working closely with landowners and developers we conduct detailed market reports, searching the market for the best opportunities both ‘on’ and ‘off’ the market place, seeing deals through from start to finish.  Our development management, appraisals and investment services all complement our agency work and enable advice to be given through the whole development cycle.

Debt advisory

Tiraya Property Empower property owner in regaining control of their finances. We work hard every day to offer the best possible service to you – so that you find us and our processes easy to deal with. We care about you and want to solve your debt problem in order to offer you a fresh start. We are an entrepreneurial organization and empower every member of our team to assist our customers in regaining control of their finances

SOS Property


Tiraya Property helps people who can no longer afford the payments for their Property morgage. There are many reasons why paying back loans can become very difficult, and it can happen to anyone. Business owners often finance their businesses by morgaging their property – and when the business runs into trouble, their personal finances quickly get into trouble as well.


We will help you negotiate with the bank and we will work together with you to negotiate, further than that we will help you maximize your asset value and giving best valuable advise and strategy, either to sell, rent, or making a completely new business plan to save your property. To get started, all you need to do is contact us and one of our associates will call you to give you in details regarding the process.