Property Investment

Real estate is a great way to invest. It’s never been easier to get started, especially if you work with an experienced property investment consultant. Tiraya Property can guide you through the entire process, from formulating your strategy to finding your property and even in some cases help you manage your purchases. Here are the steps you can expect our consultants to cover with you.

  1. Planning Your Investment Strategy
  2. Finding Your Property
  3. Building Your Portfolio

Investment planning & analysis

Analysis and development strategy is a fundamental and key element of real estate investment.  Our Strategic Consulting department provides accurate and objective feasibility studies – to owners, occupiers, investors and developers of real estate, independent of transactional considerations.

    Indonesia Foreign Investment

     Indonesia is 4th largest population in the world and it’s growing every year by roughly 3 million people. By 2020 Indonesia is expected to have a population of  272 million. The world’s largest archipelago, 17,499 islands with an area of ​​seawater approximately 5.9 million km2 and a coastline of 81,000 km. An expected economic growth of 5.7 percent this year and a gross domestic product of more than a trillion dollars. Being the largest Muslim country in the world with a vibrant democracy, it’s the economic engine of Southeast Asian. With this massive population is deemed to have the potential for developments of property in all types. However, It is quite complicated for foreigners to start a business and harder to invest in property since it is not possible for foreigners to own freehold property in foreign owner’s name. There are some ways that could be done, they are:


    Through Establishing Foreign Company in Indonesia /PT.PMA


    PMA is a “status of doing business” in Indonesia for foreign. A PT. PMA company has 30 years to operate after formation, which gives you initial duration of 30 years and can be renewed for 20 years and another 30 years giving maximum 80 years of use of your property, if it expands its project through additional investment. This can be 100% controlled by a foreigner. To set up a PMA company you will be required to make an appropriate cash deposit in an Indonesian based bank minimum requirements USD 200.000.


    Through a Leasehold Title


    This can be granted only to qualified foreigners who are domiciled in Indonesia with a KITAS working visa. The lease runs for 30 years, and can be renewed for another 30 years for two times giving it chance for foreign total 90 years with minimum requirement of property price starts from USD 200.000 to USD 700.000 (depends on which region you plan to buy your property. However, we can guide your investment to Indonesia, through Tiraya Property. We are a fully integrated property agency, provide one stop solution of property services to assist you on the process of property investment. Together with our local team of expert lawyers and notary, market researcher, our valuable contacts of the government will create a convenient ambient and without hassle for those who wishes to start your investment by purchasing property in Indonesia. Please contact us for further guidance and options available for investing in the property in Indonesia.

      Property Legal

      We do legal work required for completion of a property transaction — usually a sale or a purchase. We carefully examine the legal matters of the clients and provide them effective guidance regarding the matters. Our experts assist the clients effectively to help them in resolving the legal matters in the shortest time possible. We are also strongly hold our value of integrity in every work.

        Analysis, Acquisition & Disposal services

        • Market analysis is carried out from a variety of angles focusing on the issues. The Studies and Researc
        • We assists clients in the identification of off-market opportunities and in the implementation and optimization of sales processes.
        • Our approach is designed to achieve maximum value, while also helping clients understand and control the risks inherent in such operations. Our services include:
        1. Price recommendation
        2. Identification of target investors
        3. Marketing and sale process management